My childhood beliefs

Sitting in the night has always been my thing ever since I started understanding. I used to let everyone sleep and I would slowly open the door and sit out for couple of minutes.

I had some of my own beliefs when I was child. I always thought that belly button is a secret mysterious thing god has given to all of us. I always thought that if I pressed it correctly.. may be in correct patterns, I would pop open.😄

Everytime I sat empty, I used to try pressing my belly button in different patterns. Who know I would pop open and could see everything inside of me. 😄

Hahaha, I always believed that every time my father played some song on our cassette player, the people who sung those songs, lived inside the player and that they would suddenly join together and sung the song. I always wondered where they lived and what did they eat? wires? may be !! 🤣

Hahah .. I was always afraid of rain and the big roar of clouds but I was hardly afraid of lightning … I don’t remember who but someone had told me that lightning is a flash from a big camera in the sky. So every time I saw lightning , I would go running to the door and I would smile big so that I could be in the photo.🤩

Now I look at my life and it feels like it was awesome that I did not understand many things in life. Life that way was innocent and worryless.

I liked the crazy ways I used to enjoy everything.