My childhood entertainment

Most of my childhood has been tightly coupled with my cycle. Riding on my cycle was something I would never say ‘NO’ to.

I remember when I had no cycle, I used to wait for my father to come from his duty. I would check on the road again and again. The moment I see him, I would run quickly, catching him on the way and get cycle from him. I did not even ever wait for him to come back home.

I would take cycle from him and would go on a ride right away. I never liked to ride it super fast but I could drive it very slow, I slow as snail. I rode it on hills, in the traffic, on the slopes, into the field, through the water and what not !!!

My father used to be at home on alternate days. He had 24 hours duty so he would go on duty on Monday 12 noon and would come back on Tuesday 12 noon. So on Monday 12 noon afterwards, I did not had cycle But …

But I had many other things just like cycle. I had made my own little cycle ( not the real one), the one you see in the pic of this post..yes, that one. I would play with it and the other one of my time pass was that we had a tyre of my uncle’s motorbike. I would grab a stick, roll a tyre and keep it rolling with stick while running with it.. I used to even shout “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”, as if I’m riding a real bike and that “zzzzzzzzzzzz” would varied based on how fast tyre rolled 😆

So one day I would be with these of my cycles and the other I would be playing with my father’s cycle. Mind that I was too small to ride my father’s big bicycle. I was in 3rd -4th standard back then. Riding my papa’s cycle was like Riding Avenger for me 😆. It was 24 inch cycle.

hahaha I always knew that If I fail, it’s gonna hurt really bad because I could barely hold the weight of that cycle 😆 I still wanted to ride. I would fasten sponge on my knees and on top, my full pant, so that even if I fail, my knees won’t be enjured.

I never knew that sponge was useless. It was just for myself to be confident that I won’t have to worry that I’ll fail.

Hahah, Every time I fell, I used to decide that I won’t ride cycle for some days now but the moment I see my father coming back from duty, I would jump like anything, forget about the knee. I would take his cycle and go on ride.

Hahah crazy days !!!