My childhood forgetfulness

I remember I was super forgetful during my childhood days. My mom would ask me to bring something from the shop, I would be about to reach the shop and I would forget, what was to be brought 😁, I would go back to home, ask momma and would keep muttering it on my way…

and still would miss some items πŸ™ƒ

I used to forget from simple things such as putting taking my notebooks and pen, a night before school to big things such as forgetting that I had brought my bicycle in the school.

The worst thing for me was when someone asked me some address. It’s like I know where but I can’t explain you and I did not even ever liked to say ke ‘aage jao and then turn le lo and then left jao.. ‘. I would explain that even worse.

I remember when I was in my 1st or 2nd standard, ‘what is your name?’ was the most frequent question, so on my way to school, I would natter answer to that to myself..’My name is xyz’, my father is xyz and my surname is xyz .. so that I won’t forget. ..

One thing I always liked as a child was to either sit in my swing or to sit in the corner and look at everybody πŸ˜„ haha I don’t know why but I, somehow liked it.

I mean, it’s childhood story of almost everyone, nothing new here but sometimes I just recall this and smile to myself as to how I was … those were days when I would see my father with change in his pocket ( he needed it as he was bus conductor) and I would think that we had lot of money.