My closest encounter to an angry doggie

I’m absolute fan of doggies. As a result, I have had lot of doggies in my childhood and the urge of having one still continues.

In my childhood, my mom never liked having dogs. I don’t know why … may be she was afraid of them or may be they spread their hair everywhere .. I don’t know.

So I did not have permission to have a dog in the house so what I would do is I would pet a dog and keep it out .. our in a place where we used to play.

And then when nobody knows where I am, I used to be to that dog, feeding it some milk and bhakri.

I remember an incident when one of our doggies was playing on its own alongside me. It played for a bit and took out a plastic fevicol bag…

It was trying to take that bag out because it thought there’s something in it to eat.. I was looking at it. I knew what’s next. I thought it will tear the fevicol bag and it will taste a bit of fevicol by mistake.

I immediately got up and rushed to it. My doggy knew I’m going to come so it also ran away…I chased it after it and caught it.

I immediately tried taking the fevicol bag out of it’s mouth but I was too small to understand that snatching that bag from his mouth could be a bad idea because doggies don’t like that…I mean who like that !!! No one does…

I tried it anyway and my doggy growled at me. It was almost a bite away from biting me. I’m sure it would not have ever bitten me, it was just trying to frighten me but that was the closest I ever was an angry doggy.

I got up and I was like ‘Jao maro sale’.. .. hahahaha the moment I got up, my doggy understood the mistake and it came to me and dropped the bag in front of me.

I looked at it … I have this weird habit of talking to things. So I hugged it and talked with it a bit and we started playing back …Yayyyy !!!!

At times, I do like foxes .. 😆