My Doggy biscuits …

Hahaha… I was just smiling in the afternoon when I recalled how I used to get some milk for my doggy without letting my parents know.

My mom hardly liked dogs but I was super excited to have one. Don’t judge me but I was too small to know that I can’t eat their biscuits. It’s not that those biscuits cause problems if you, it’s more like those are made for dogs, not for us.

Every time fed some to my dog, I took few and sat with him so we can eat together. I would eat one and would give it oneπŸ˜„.

Even when I got chocolates, I would give it one and have one for me and you won’t believe, my dog used to eat chocolate too πŸ˜„.

Our doggy had babies. Around 11 of them. For my parents, it was a disaster, obviously because we can’t keep them all right ? So once those puppies grew enough, my papa took them all and gave those to a farmer nearby.

When I came back from school, my first thing to do was to go to those puppies and play with them a bit, but I did not see them then.

I came to know that those were given to some farmer, I went there and brought all of them back. But then I understood, I had to do compromise ( as I have been doing many), I had to take them all back to the same farmer…

I knew having 11 puppies would be too much but I wanted them anyways.

I was crazy πŸ˜‚.