My masters

Sometimes I think of my old times and I see how different each phase of it has been.

I’ve been very selective with my choices. I keep thinking for hours for my little choices because I try not to be wrong.

I remember how I did not like certain subjects during my Masters. One of our teachers used to have different teaching style. He would ask all of us to learn a topic on our own and the next day, he would ask random of us to explain it to the class…

Already I did not like that subject explaining it to the class was next to impossible.

I mean I hardly had studied that subject and even today, I can hardly think of explaining it to someone.

Don’t judge me but then the only thing I used to do for that lecture was to either sit behind on of the tallest batchmate in the class so that professor can’t see me ..

Eventually I did understand that even that had potential loop holes.

They say, ‘har ek friend kamina hota hei’ .. and mine were no different. That tallest guy would would intentionally bow down at times and I used to get caught …

Hahahha … so I had stopped attending those classes. I would keep studying image processing during that period.

I just had to study enough to pass in that subject so that’s all I did and got myself passed.

I remember, that professor used to conduct small tests and he would ask everyone of us to come to his cabin to collect results.

I used to be so careless that I would not even go to his cabin to collect the test results. .. neither I even wanted to know how much marks I got….hahahha..

Because I knew I’ll go there and he is going to ask me 100’s of questions on the topic. I mean I wasn’t an exception, he would do that with every other student..

Only difference was that they all could answer and I couldn’t .. and I simply did not care .. I was good at things where I had to be ..

So yeah … that’s how I ended up here .. Masters in Electronics …. working as full time software developer….

Crazy days ..