My new degree

Haha .. Please don’t judge me. Just wanted to share. I don’t at all mean to showcase myself.

The other day, being a feature owner, I had to present the feature design to the CEO and the team of around 40-50 people.

and I started .. I said, ‘This feature is owned by me, the purpose of this feature is xyz and ‘abc’ sir is the technical owner and ”def’ is functional owner.

This was my first sentence and the CEO stopped me in between. He knows me from start so he pulled my leg.

He said, ‘Why ‘abc’ is sir and ‘def’ isn’t ?’

Hahaha .. Mr. ‘abc’ said, ‘because I am younger than def’. hahaha

Since then CEO started calling me sir …

I was demoing current progress to someone and that developer said, ‘mukesh, I don’t understand this.’ and immediately the CEO was like, ‘wait wait wait .. how can you call him him sir .. .say sorry ‘ hahahaha.

I’m like, ‘Oh godddd!! What’s going on here!!’

and almost everyone learnt it .. now even my scrum master says, ‘yes mukesh sir..what’s the update for today’ …