My papa ?

My father, my both uncle as well as my grandfather.. they all have been keeping beard. Especially my father’s beard was so dense/dark in the earlier days ..

I never told this to anyone but since I started understanding, I always thought my father is muslim and my mom is not.

I always used to think that my mom has married with muslim papa. I hadn’t had any concern with it, I just used to believe that my papa is muslim.

Hahaha and to my astonishment, our neighbours, who were also muslim, and even many passengers in his bus, they also used to be like ‘Salam walekum Jadhav saheb’..

Hahaha that even strengthened by thoughts. He even has some snaps where he literally looks like he is muslim.

So I would keep listening in between to his talks .. what he talked was never important, I just used to see which language he talks when I’m not around πŸ˜†.

There were many things that always proved me right .. Things like the songs he played on cassete player were hindi ( πŸ˜† I was too small to know that bollywood songs are supposed to be in hindi) , some of his closest friends always treated him like muslim etc..

At times I thought I would ask mom about it but I couldn’t. So I always kept it to myself.

πŸ˜† I was mad in my childhood Hahahahah…