My slate pencils & chalks

My slate pencils & chalks

I remember how much I used to like my slate pencils in my childhood. It never mattered whether I studied or not, I would keep count of my slate pencils and make sure that no one takes one.

I remember I was too young to understand the difference between real chalk and Ant-killer chalk. One day, I did not find my chalk, I got the ants one. So I took that and started playing with it.

Fortunately, I did not taste it but I of course could have done that unknowingly.

Mom says I was so quick that she always had to keep watch on me. At one moment I used to be at one corner of the house and the next moment I used to be at the other one…

Hahaha … She always had to take a look at what I’m doing, what I’m eating, what I’m playing etc …

She says I had just started talking, the other day, she took me up and said a..b..c..d..e.. and I was repeated .. and she stopped and I continued it all up to Z.

The SUrprising thing for her was that she just had taught me until ‘N’, I just heard it somewhere in a day and continued till ‘Z’. Hahhaa ..

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