My special powers

In my childhood, I used to be in search of special powers. I mean I always believed that I might have some special power that even I might not know.

May be I would do some gesture by mistake and I would realize my power or may be I will eat something that will get me special power etc.

I remember, I used to keep searching for things that could possibly prove that I had some special power. I used to try to mix eatables together to see if eating that way makes me superman..

I used to try to keep notebook touched to my pinky finger to see if it’s contents get downloaded over night into me ..

I would try to sleep in the chair for whole night just to see if that means something ..

At times in my summer holidays, I used to go onto the terrace and sit like Saints just to see if sitting that way and concentrating to god lets me meet him …

Hahahha …One of my favorite ones was that while sleeping, I would close my eyes and think that I am floating in the air .. I would imagine it so genuinely that I used to go to sleep while thinking so … Hahahhaha.

I always thought that god does not show me my special powers because I’m awake and that I would see him while he is giving me those powers…so I used to try these things while sleeping…to see if he lets me get them with my eyes are closed.

Every time I open door, I touch on the handle and I imagine an invisible button on the door and I believe its not my force on the door but that imaginary button opens the door…and that’s my habit now. I do that even today .. 🙂

I still remember how many time I used to stay awake at night even when I was child just thinking that I might get to see god when everyone sleeps. I was in 5th or 6th standard…

Till date I haven’t found any.. but I still hope to find one …

Hahahha … Crazy me .