Natgeo Ants

Since childhood, if there’s one tiny little creature I have always respected really, it’s definitely is black ant.

When I was in 2nd or 3rd standard I guess, I don’t even remember which standard I was in but back then, we had just got a new cable connection and one of my favorite channels there was National Geographics.

I used to watch it a lot. I also watched WWE a lot on 10sport or something..moral: it wasn’t that I was leaned to science or don’t mean that I was curious since childhood… but yeah, so I used to watch the ants documentary.

There was one thing I was confused about in the documentary…The question was, how come the ants on NatGeo were so big and the ones in our house weren’t. So I would pick up the ants and used to stare at them thinking that may be they will get afraid/angry after picking them up and then may be their size would increase but that never happened…believe me .. I tried a lot ..hahhahahah.

I mean even today, I like playing with ants. I especially like the black ants than red ones. I hate red ants for many things. First of all, red ants usually are seen in your chapati or bhakri. Those ants like it a lot ..

I mean for me,that’s okay .. Who doesn’t want to eat chapati but then you try to ask them go away and those red ones won’t even move…rather they would bite you if you try to get them out…I mean “Ye kya jabardasti..mereko bhi khana hei chapati..”

“Nategeo ki ants to leaves khaiti hei ped ke .. tumko chapati chahiye readymade”..

It’s not the case with Black ants. Black ants are very obedient. First of all, you won’t see them in your chapati’s and bhakri’s. They would hold a nice get together at one of the corners of your house, so not disturbing at all…

Those ants are hard working.. they like to earn their food than eating the ready made one… plus those ants will quickly go away without biting. You just ask them once and they will spread up like they weren’t there.

I like that. Rather I respect that about black ants. I mean come-on. If ants are this obedient, I don’t mind letting them be in my house.