Naughty me

We were having dinner, I sat down and I got bumped onto a stool nearby. It didn’t hurt me much but I recalled how naughty I was in my childhood.

I remember, when I had just started walking, I always used to be with my mom. She would be washing cloths, I would sit besides her. Even when she used to be eating and I would not be, I would still sit with her and would see ke how she eats 😆

We had a round stool that was hollow from inside and had three legs. That stool was my favorite thing to sit on.

One day I sat on it and pushed myself in, mommy was washing cloths and I was sitting there in that stool. When I thought of getting up, I realized that I’m stuck in there, I had pushed myself in enough to get stuck..

I could not get up and started crying. I kept sitting there. For my mom, me crying over something was common so she neglected, but then later realized the matter.

Hahaha. They tried pulling it but it was stuck hard and was hurting me too. It couldn’t also be cut because it was made of strong cast iron.

At the end, my mom distracted me and my papa rotated it slowly and slowly and took it out .. Hahahaha !!!

I was super naughty in my childhood. Naughty in the sense if I’m not kept an eye on, it could be a disaster.

I have stuck groundnut in my throat, in my nose, I had mistakenly swallowed nuts and screws. I even swallowed small magnet by mistake. Not that I’m proud of this but I was very naughty.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think if that was really me !!!