Hahaha .. me and my mom, we used to converse nonsense things at times when we got bored. I mean we used to make it as a joke, we use to laugh a lot and used to get refreshed…

Today afternoon, I was little bored and we had this foolish conversation after long..Hahahaha.

Mom: I don’t what should I cook for your father, he has fast today.

Me: Oh! how can you say that.. I don’t know what are you planning to do with those kilos of dry fruits in our backyard…

I would suggest you get some from the storage in our spare room and cook special “Dry-fruit’s shira” for him..

Mom: Yeah, that actually is a good idea. Those dry-fruits has been there for long. They must weigh no less than 40-50 KG by now. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them.

Me: If you think something needs to be bought for his fast then you can take a bundle from our safe.

Mom: No, your father has locked it I think.

Me: No mom, it’s not locked, we have the whole safe full of bundles so it’s no more in a condition to be locked so it’s all time open now.

Mom: Hahaha , yeah… may be I think I’ll ask your papa to get our fortuner out and will ask him to buy something from the market.

Me: Ok..ok. For now, you can cook something quick from the fridge.

Mom: Yeahh .. hahahahaha. Ho gya tera khana? abb utha ja pani pile.. maine bola tha jyada soya mat kar .. bahat sota hei, fir aisi batein karte baithta hei .. hahahahha




.Hahahah ..we both enjoy having conversations like these .. conversations that are completely non-sense. 😄