Our assumptions

In my childhood, I hardly understood how certain things work but I wasn’t one of those children who want to know everything. I just knew how a, b, c works, I was happy with that. I felt nothing about ‘not knowing’ certain things.

At time I used to find answers on my own but I hardly ever cared asking someone about my questions.

One of the funny things I remember is how I thought a mistake done once is a lifetime mistake.

I was in 2nd standard, I believe our teacher was teaching A, B, C, D or something and by mistake she skipped a character, and that struck me.

Initially I thought that I don’t know it right but I reiterated on it and was sure that she missed a character. I took it so seriously that I assumed that she does not teach us right.

I literally stopped attending her lectures thinking that she does not teach us right and I don’t to learn anything wrong. Hahahaha.

The other thing I believe I remember is that one of my childhood friends he got shocked be an open wire. Somehow he touched a wire that was hanging over his head.

The only thing he said he understood was that he raised his hand and something happened. The moment he said so, we both thought that he got shocked because he pointed his hands towards the wires.

That’s it. Everywhere I went, I would not look at any wire. Point to it was next to impossible. I would tell everyone not to point their fingers at any wire …


There were so many of such assumption we friends used to make. We always thought we’re educating each other so that we all remain safe but we hardly understood that all of those were assumptions … Hahahah.


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