Our class teacher

I remember, I was in 2nd standard and Miss Bhamare used to teach us.

One day she did not come to class and I was curious to know why. Before you skew you face, let me remind you that I was in 2nd standard.

So I went to one of the other teachers and asked him why she did not come. He said, she has stitches and she won’t be coming for next week or so.

Now I was too young to understand what it meant but the funny thing was that a word “having stitches on some wound” in Marathi is “take takne” and what I heard him saying was little different.

I heart “Takit takne”… which translates to “lock in the tank”. 😆

For the rest of my day, I kept thinking of why is she been locked in tank? and the fact that she was not going to be back for a week or so, I had no doubt over whether I heard properly or not … I was child. Either of those thing did not make much sense to me.

So “She is going to be locked in some tank and is going to be released after a week or so”… 😆

Question was, “Why was she locked?” I did not know…I was thinking, ‘has she gone mad?’

hahaha .. My guesses were roaming around.

And then as I thought I knew why she is absent, every time someone asked about her, I would get up and I would say ‘She is locked in the tank and is going to be back in a week’.

😆.. this rumour spread like anything and it went back to one of my another favorite teacher of 3rd standard class … Why was he my favorite one you ask?

Because he would let me sit in 3rd class even when I was in 2nd and I wanted to sit in there so based on my mood, I used to sit in different classes.. 😆.

So the rumour spread to him and he called me .. he asked ‘why told you that mam is locked in the tank?’.

I pointed out to the source and said, ‘He said ‘.

hahahahahhaha. I was confident. 😆

My teacher went back to him and started talking about what did he tell me… Hahahah .. They laughed a lot when they understood the whole story.

and me? I was still looking at them thinking of why are they laughing when she is locked .. 😆.

‘Janedo apneko kya karna hei’ … I said to myself and went back for my next class.


Not crazy .. but just me 😉