Our clean and neat kitchen

I don’t mean to appreciate myself but just wanted to put it here …

One of my favorite things to do is to help my mom in her chores. Many a times, whenever I get time, I prefer helping her.

There are many reasons as to why I like helping her.. some of them being that I know, she wanted a girl , the other being she does a lot, so I wanted to give it back by helping and the third one being, I don’t like things spread everywhere in the house(clean)… I mean I need things to be neat.

Of course my mom keeps it clean but my brother doesn’t ( at time me too). So every time I see something off, I like to keep it neat.

One of my favorite chores in helping her is cleaning up the kitchen. I mean I do everyday after our lunch and dinner but sometimes I take ownership and let her sit aside and I clean the whole kitchen. I like to challenge myself to see how well can I do it.

And then I keep cleaning it as best as I can. I look at every other corner and clean it.

Once done, I like to take a look at it, feel awesome and then I get back to my work :-).