Our school rally

I remember, I was in 4th standard I guess.

Most of the local advertisers back then, they used to pay rickshaw drivers to advertise for them.

Those auto’s used to have those loud horns on them. A person would sit in the auto and he would keep announcing/advertising the shop while auto moved lane to lane…

They also used to have pamphlets printed and he would hand it to people.

For me, it was awesome. Everytime such auto came, we used to get some pamphlets from that person by promising him that we will share it with everyone.

So we used to take some from him and we used to go door to door and share it with people .. Hahahha.

Some of us used to run after the auto but I personally never liked it. I took it when that person gave me.

The other project we friends used to apply was a ‘self paid work’. We friends used to gather and we would go to peoples houses and used to ask them for quick small work if any ..

And then we together used to do that and then those people would pay us for that. 😆

The other thing I somehow never liked in my childhood was when our school would arrange a rally on 15th Aug or 26th Jan and that rally would go pass our house. Hahahha.

Somehow I never liked it. I used to be shy. I used to think that my uncle will see me, my parents will see me, the neighbours will see me ..

It doesn’t make sense now but it made a lot of it back then … So everytime our rally passed by our house, I would start changing my place randomly and very frequently so that I won’t be spotted.

Hahahahah….Crazy days!!!