Screw and a magnet

Screw and a magnet

I remember how crazy, me and my brother were in our childhood. It was like you leave us alone at home and we would either fight hard or work together and commit something.

I don’t mind telling that me and my brother, we don’t match well. It’s not that we’re enemies, but most of the times, our thoughts don’t match, but when they do, we could do wonders …

Haha. I remember, the other day, we both were alone at home, my grandmother lives besides us, we were playing with a toy and suddenly I wanted something to eat. I went to kitchen and ate chapati, sabji and I took some groundnuts after that, just to chew something.

While I was returning back to the hall, I found a screw on the ground. I picked it up, thought of keeping it in the drawer but cancelled as I was too lazy to do that .. so kept it in my hand thinking that I will put it later.

Mistakenly, I chewed that screw instead of a groundnut ( as both were in my hand), the moment I realized it, it already had reached my throat. I could have easily vomited it and had taken it out but I did not want that (don’t judge me hahaha) so I intentionally let it slide through thinking that it will go well and will be thrown out later.

I drank enough water to make sure that it slides through properly and it was all fine.

Parents came home and I did not utter a word because the screw had already slid in and everything was out, plus I was super confident that it’s gonna get out tomorrow, so I kept quiet.

It was later at night when it started paining. My stomach started paining and then I told them everything. They took me to the doctor. Hahahah.. to my surprise, even doctor was so used to us swallowing things that he himself asked, ‘What did you swallow now?’ hahahahhhaha.

Mom looked at me and I understood I had to explain .. it was her way of punishing me…to tell others about it myself.

Even doctor laughed saying that he don’t really have anything to prescribe. He asked me to eat some bananas and funnily said, ‘If it doesn’t come up, try pushing it down with a magnet’ .. hahaha.

Of course I was too young to understand that he said it funnily. Next day I found out a magnet and actually tried finding out where it is. I would try to touch that magnet to everywhere on my body to see if it sticks at somewhere so I know where it is and I can push it down.


He did prescribe some medicines that intentionally introduced diarrhoea and everything went well, I was fine later.

Screw isn’t just a thing that I have swallowed, there were many such things that I mistakenly swallowed that caused troubles at times. hahaha.. I’m not saying this proudly .. just wanted to share.. Hahahahah.

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