Slingshot, guava, tomatoes and more fun in field

I remember, when I was a child, I wanted to be a farmer so that I can feed animals.

Travelling to our native home and being there in fields 24 x 7 was fun. Everytime I went there, I would go to the field with my uncle. I would have something called as ‘Gallol’ (kind of modified Slingshot) with me.

It is basically a utility used to keep birds away from the crop. If I have to help you visualize it, it’s a same thing all ‘Angry birds’ fly with.

It was to be used very very carefully. Basically it has a rubber belt, two rods to hold on to. You put tiny rock in there ( holding the rubber belt), rotate it super fast so the rock gets enough momentum that when you release one of the ends, it gets thrown at birds and they fly away…

Anyways, so me, my uncle and our doggy, we would go in fields, My uncle would teach me how to cut the grass for our animals. He would teach me how to water crops…

I used to enjoy it all so much that for almost the whole day I used to be playing in field. My doggy used to follow me, we would play there and when we got bored, I would climb a tree, pick a guava or sometimes tomatoes from the field and would sleep between the branches.

I remember, I was in 7th standard. Sometimes what I used to was that I would pick a guava, I would cut into pieces and would distribute it to all saying that it’s for my birthday.

Every time I was there with my grandparents and uncle, I was either in the field, or I was playing with doggy or I would be with our bulls or with the cow .. feeding them, making sure that they drink enough water ..

I remember, at times I would not even shower at home, I would simply go in our field and while I water crops, at the end I would set the pie on one of the branches nearby and would bath there..

Woooww !!!! It was super awesome there. What I always liked was those huge fields, pin drop silence in the afternoon, that perfect sleep on the tree branches, those tomatoes and guavas, apples and all the fruits that I would always eat right there while sleeping … list is endless !!

Awesome stuff !!!