Spice Kitchen

Spice Kitchen

I remember when I had just started living in rented flat, I hardly enjoyed being with my roommates. Of course I was new. It was good that all roommates were my classmates and seniors. They weren’t completely new to me.

As days passed, we mixed so well that we had no limit to how bad, funny, angry, frank we could be.

When we were cooking our first meal, no one of us knew how to cook chicken but as it was sunday, we all had time, so we decided to try.

I frankly can’t cook so I was incharge of all cutting, chopping, cleaning things. No one was volunteering for being a cook, because we all knew that if something goes wrong, cook will be the one to be blamed.

We were around 6 roommates, we called 3 more.

We started YouTube and finally one of us volunteered. Even though we were trying it for the first time, we were so confident that we already had planned about enjoying it in the afternoon and evening too.. Hahaha

We didn’t know what is the expected color of curry or how do we know if ingredients are properly fried, we just started. we marinated the chicken and cooked some rice.

I bet I hadn’t seen so pulpy rice in my life. We had added so much water in the rice that we could have taken spoon and literally could have drunk it like Rice pudding 😆

Looking at that rice broke half of our confidence 😆. We were laughing like anything. We were about to add some masala in the rice and make it masala rice but we controlled ourselves because we did not want to improve out rice more 😆.

We headed over to our chicken recipe and you won’t believe, it was cooked really well. Rice taught us to be careful. We shut our brains and just did everything the person in the YouTube video said.

It was awesome cooking it for first time and then it was just chicken, egg and fish in the later Saturday/Sundays.

Awesome stuff…

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