No! I simply don’t want to write anything. Even though it’s about a story of my life.

Call me crazy or get bored of me, that’s okay but I’m very unstable person. My mood swings. Not for everyone of course, you know it !!!

I’m emotional and as awesome as it feels, sometimes it does break me. I don’t want to know of all the what if’s , what might’s, what could/could not have been… neither I want to know what actually is !!!

If you press me little harder to say why there’s so much mood swings recently, I can say no more than because I was I in the childhood and I’m not me anymore. I’m someone else …I’ve grown quiet now.

That no matter how much you try to keep it shut, no matter how much you want to hold onto your cry, you can’t ..even though you’re in public.

At times, it feels like it would have been awesome if I would have born orphan. At least I would have no one.. at least God would have taught me to be without loved ones for long…I mean at least I would have learnt to be alone.

To be calm now a days is revolutionary. To be happy with your own non-upgraded existence. To be comfortable with you messy, human self.

Everything around is boring … it feels like sometimes the worst place to be in is your own head….