Story of a ghost house

Story of a ghost house

I was in 12th and there was an abandoned bungalow on my way to my Maths class I guess.

My class used to be at 6 AM so I used to be little afraid of passing by that bangalow but on the other hand, I always wanted to go in and see what’s inside. I mean not in the morning, it would have been little too adventurous & brave…

It was said that the bangalow belonged to a couple that died in a car crash and their children also did not maintain it well as they were drinkers.

They were two brothers who did not study and they got into drinking and solve thing by thing in the house to get money for drinking …

They both went mad and left the house. The story was true , I had seen both brothers. While I was in 12th they were of 30-35th of their age…

Even though the “leaving of the house” story was true, I never believed the other story of it being a ‘Ghost house’, so I always wanted to see what’s inside.

I never got to go in and I was too fattu to be in to be honest but every now and then when I thought of it, especially at night, I would keep imagining what could there be in the house ..

I used to imagine my own layout of the house, a hall with just a sofa… the stairs to the bedroom broken.. all the broken cement pieces still there .. spread across ..

The door of the bathroom is open… water is still tapping down ..tap…tap…tap…

Of course, there’s no electricity so it’s just a light from window and a lantern hanging on the hook…I would enter in the kitchen and suddenly a bat would fly away over the top of my head…

I don’t know why but my imagination kicks off during my sleep time and I start building stories out of it… stories that make me smile and keep me happy 🙂

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