Tattoo on my leg

Tattoo on my leg

In my high school days, I was interested in tattoos. I mean not so much that I would want to paint my whole hand or body with it but a little tattoo here n there is what I was interested in.

Being in the high-school, I hardly knew how the tattoos gets drawn and I always wanted to try it on my own .. from whatever I had seen, I thought that they actually take a needle and, you know, carve out the design.

and …

you guessed it … without letting anyone know, I tried drawing one… I swear to god, I just tried once, I took a needle and started drawing on my leg I think, so that no one else could see it but me .. and It did not happen in a night, I tried to finish it in a week or two…

Bruhhhh !!!! It was super painful. I wanted to draw a triangle within triangle as a design but I couldn’t bare with the pain. I made sure that I don’t puncture anywhere.

I couldn’t and so I left it. Later I asked one of my teachers about how tattoos are drawn and understood that I was completely being stupid trying to draw it with needle.

hahahhaa. I won’t dare to have one.. not even today.

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