Team MMB: Me, Mom & Brother

I was cute little boy in my childhood.. of course everyone is πŸ˜‰.

I don’t know which category I belonged to, because at times, I was super silent, adorable and the other day, I was naughty too.

I mean I never understood how could I laugh while being beaten up. My mom would be scolding, beating me and I would be crying and suddenly I would think of something funny and I would start laughing while crying πŸ˜†.

My mom sometimes used to join me in the game. We both would tease my brother..Hahaha. It wasn’t about annoying him. Of course.

Everytime papa bought something, let’s say an Ice-cream, my brother always held it longer. He always wanted to eat it super slow, enjoying every bite of it.

Me and my mom, we would eat ours and we intentionally keep looking at his ice-cream. We would make ourselves look like we both are poor and could not get enough…Hahahah, just imagine how would the scenario be πŸ˜†.

At last, he would get up from there and would sit somewhere else…and I would still peek from my sit.. hahahah.

So the next time, he would finish quick (not without enjoying) and then mom and he would join and tease me…. else me and mom we would again team up and while we eat ours, we would look at him and we would say, ‘bechara re .. usko jyada nai diya’. Hahahhaha ..We knew it wasn’t real teasing ever, it was just for fun so was okay πŸ˜†.

The other way my mom would tease me is when I would be sitting somewhere doing something and she would come from the back and she would tap on my shoulders or on my head and say ‘listen mukesh’ ..

During my childhood, I never ever ever liked to be tapped on my head. so the moment she tapped, I would say, ‘han bolo’ ..and she would be like ‘nothing..’.

I would say ‘ok’ and I would start doing my job again. She would agan tap on my head and would do the same.. Hahaha. She enjoyed seeing my getting angry by tapping on my head πŸ˜†.

Sometimes me and my brother, we would team up ( which was very rare though hahaha) and we would tease mom. She used to sleep in the afternoon for like 15-20 minutes.

Me or my brother we would say ‘mummy!!!!’.. we used to say it super silently and then we would look down in the notebooks. After some time, we would say it again .. Hahaha.. My mom used to get confused as in if she had some dream or we called it. We would say we didn’t. Hahahah. Sometimes we used to get caught. πŸ˜†

One of the funniest thing where we three would team up is when my mom would be about to beat us. The moment we knew we were about to be beaten, I would quickly lead and would try to supress my mom’s anger. I would run quick, take a dish and a spoon and would be like ‘ting ting ting … her comes the biggest of the biggest , weighing 176 pounds ..from Las Vegas, USA ….Theeeeeeeeeeeeee underrrrr takerrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. ‘ Hahahahhaa … my mom used to forget everything and start smiling. She would drop the broom and would punch my brother on his face. Hahahahahaha, just like The under-taker.

Hahahha ..