That awesome Feeling

Everytime I think of my childhood, first thing that comes in my mind is ‘Me sleeping in the chair during my childhood’.

I remember how much I used to like to sit in the chair. Somehow I always liked those naps on chair. I would sit in the chair and I could easily take 5 minute nap and I never liked to lose that opportunity.

Many times I would imagine myself sleeping in the chair for the whole night, but my parents did not like it. It was obvious though that they thought I might get stiff neck or backache and I wasn’t superman, so yeah, I had to listen to them.

But still at times, I would take their permission to sleep in chair for a while and I would enjoy that.

I know, sounds boring but back then, it made lot of sense. Sleeping in the chair had always been awesome feeling for me. Of course, that’s not the only, there are lot many awesome feelings but yeah, this is one of them.

At times, when everyone slept, I would come out of my machardani and I would sleep on my chair for a while … Hahaha.

This habit of mine still continues, even today, it takes me hours to actually sleep but on chair !! I can sleep in seconds.

Hahah, while I’m writing this, I remember when I was in 1st standard, the first friend of mine, he could never call me by name ‘Mukesh’, he always called me ‘Mutesh’ 😆