That frightening night

I used to walk on rooftop after having my dinner. That day was no different. I was roaming around on the terrace.

The night was indeed beautiful and the soothing wind was adding to the atmosphere, so walking barefoot there on the cold floor was just all I needed.

But just as I reached a corner, I saw some humanly figure sitting there.

I freaked out and changed my way, but as I turned around I heard a whispering sound,

“Main Aa Raha Hoon!” (I am coming!)

My eyes went wide instantly…

“Tum Saath nahi chaloge?” (Won’t you come with me?)

I turned back. And this time, there certainly was something. Something moving.

By this moment I had already started imagining these kind of things in my head. I had my legs trembling, just another voice and I could have run down..

Still, I collected all my courage and walked silently…

A guy was sitting there, chatting with someone.

“Chalo na, Mazaa aayega!” (Come on baby please, It’ll be fun!)

It was night but if it was day, Surely he’d have seen my face burning red . hahaha

“Koi aur jagah nahi mili saale tujhe? Aur kya ye raat ke 12 baje kisko bula rha hei .. Hatt…..”

I was almost shouting, I was that scared and at the same time I was laughing too ..

I literally grabbed him in the corner and punched him ..

Hahahah .. since that day, I would keep asking him, “Chalega?” hahahahha….