The Great Undertaker . . .

The Great Undertaker . . .

One of the things I always liked in life is how clearly I saw and experienced my life. Right from the time I started understanding things to everything till date, I see myself fortunate enough to be able to think of everything I did, every step I took.

When I look back at my life in my childhood days, I see how me and my brother used to fake fight, just for fun, when parents were away, and when we got caught, mommy would grab anything that her hand could hold..may it be a broom, pan, wire, pipe and what not.

She would grab it and beat the hell out of us ( She wasn’t violent of course, it was all for us).

I remember, while my mom would find something to beat us with, we brothers knew what’s gonna happen next, so I would take initiative and would make it a scenario.

I would start commenting, just like WWE match, as If it’s going to be a WWE match between my mom and my brother, so I would take something in my hand as a mic and start speaking like “Wo woo wooo! Here comes The great Undertaker, with Big Show already in the ring…and The undertaker is trying to find something to start with“, and I would grab something to bell a ring ( denoting a start of the match).

My mom was The undertaker, my brother was a Big show and I was Eddie Guerrero.

The moment I stark commenting, My mom would leave my brother and would rush to me to beat and at the same time she would try to hide her laugh and my brother would be super frightened and at the end my mom couldn’t hold it and would laugh like anything and then our beating would be officially cancelled…

hahahahha .. Crazy days.

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