The magicAL expectation

As much curious I was to know how things work, I also wanted to be an einstein. Hahahaha. I know it’s too much of a thought but I was child back then so bare with me.

I remember my mom used to tell me not to eat food X after Y. Like not to eat drink milk after eating meat.

I always believed from the heart that if I eat one random of such combinations, one day I would mistakenly eat some combination of food that would do some reaction in my brain .. and I would suddenly get a power to read anything and remember it in one go …

Hahah .. I never wanted ready made intelligence, I just thought somehow I should have a means to achieve that. So I always tried eating different things together no matter how bad it tested .. Hahahha

Not only just that, I had other approaches too. I would try keeping books just below my head ( I’m sorry but back then I wasn’t so sorry about that) … that didn’t work, so I thought may be my brain can download/read from my fingertips ( who knows) so I would keep my fingertips on my book so that It could get downloaded overnight.

Haha I always had thought of a possibility of having an unknown power to myself. So I always tried finding one with experiments.

I remember how happy I was to experience little current on my tongue with a small batter cell. I almost thought that I found my power, I could somehow feel the invisible electric energy.

But hahaha, that happiness lasted only till I asked my papa to do it and he did have the same experience ( obviously 😄)

I would take very small LED bulb, solder it two wires and try to touch those on my body just to see if there’s anything on my body that can generate electricity ..


This was when I was in 4th – 5th standard. Even when I was in my Bachelors, I always tried to find something that can generate infinite amount of electricity.

I always wondered that as a dynamo ( a motor that can generate little bit of energy when it axis is rotated) generates electricity why can’t we feed part of that output energy back to its input so the same energy would be used to keep it rotating and that may be can generate infinite energy. I never understood why that’s wrong.

As I grew, I started knowing more but till date, the base thought remains same. I want to do some breakthrough.

Anyways, don’t really wanna talk more on it. But yeah, sometimes I keep thinking of my childhood madness and keep smiling to myself.