The matchstick box

Hahaha, I remember, when I was child … when I had just started understanding things, I always wanted real horse for myself.

Everytime someone asked what do I want, my answer used to be that I want a real horse so that I can sit on it and we would go wherever we want to be.

I usually ask my uncle for it. Every time he came home, I would always stop him by the door and I would ask if he brought a big horse for me. I used to ask him about this every single time …

Hahahaha .. even then, I had another level of imagination. I remember my mom asked me for matchstick box one day and I did not know where it was so I told her that all the sticks in the box have gone for their lunch and they all should come back soon.

And it was not just for the sake of saying … I actually believed that those sticks go for their lunch .. I used to then think of what would they be eating .. I did not know so, one more assumption was that those sticks must be eating some grass …😆

Those stick would be sitting on a green lawn making a hexagon and would then be leaning down and eating grass 😆

So I never looked for where our matchsticks went. I somehow knew that wherever those match sticks are, those will come back after their having their meal.

Hahaha 😆 Crazy me !!!