The secret vault

I was too serious about my thoughts since my childhood. I mean every time I thought of something or I saw something and every time something caught my eye, I used to follow those things up to find out the end.

I mean I remember we were watching some movie. I was in 5th standard I guess. And the villain in the movie was too rich, he had money everywhere. Under his couch, inside his pillow, inside the boxes, dumped in the garden and what not .. he was super rich.

At one moment he simply clicked on one of the walls and the wall opened up. It was his secret compartment. He kept all his important documents there, clicked again and the wall closed.

I wasn’t at all fan of money back then, I barely understood the importance of those but I was impressed by the sliding wall idea.. hahaha and then .. I was clear ..

I thought maybe I would find one of such vaults at our home and maybe it would take me to a secret room that no one of us know ..

So I would try clicking everywhere, on everything in our house. I thought we must have such vault at our house.

I clicked our table, our window glasses, I also traced almost all the tile in our kitchen and tiles on our floor because I thought may be one of the tiles could be a button to open that vault.