Those precious rocks

When I was child, when I had just started going to school, for some reason I always liked to keep small rocks to me..I thought they are precious.

My mom would scold me for having rocks in my school bag, in my pockets. I have played a lot with sand, so would find shells in there and I would keep some in my pocket thinking that I’ll need those.

There were lot many things that I thought were very rare .. hahahah and I would keep them.

I would keep saline bottles, rocks, screws, empty pens .. my school bag had more of these things than notebooks.

I used to believe so much that I would keep them secret and won’t let anyone touch it.

I remember when someone lost something in school, their parents would come and say that they have bought some special rice, everyone would have to eat it and one who took the lost thing will have vomitting.

I never took one, I never will but I used to enjoy such things. I always wanted to see who vomits and is that real ke the one who steals, vomits.

It never happened so hahahaha.

Anyways, so I used to bring those rocks at home, no one should see them because those were precious so I would wash them while bathing and then would keep into a special bag that had just these rocks.

Those were ordinary rocks but I always thought that those were precious. hahaha

Crazy me ..