Time in isolation

Time in isolation

hahaha… I remember how I always wanted my space in my childhood. I have never been that social. I always like to spend my time on my own than being with a group. Even if I choose to, those usually are the people that I won’t mind being with.

What I used to do at night at times was that I would sit down and would cover myself with my blanket and would read a book inside. Wow! I like doing this even today.

Or I would wait for everyone to sleep and I would go out for a while to see how being out at 2 AM looks like, feels like .. Hahaha. I was hardly 14th of my age so I used to be afraid to go out but I used to still go because I wanted to see how 2 AM looks like… Hahaha..

So in the middle of the night, I would see what time is it and would go out or look out from the window to see how it feels like to be out at that time.

I would try to go in the wall cupboard and I would close doors to see how it feels like. I remember how I used to sit in the cupboard for hours just because I liked being there…

I always like to have at least 5-10 minutes for myself in the day…that really makes me feel loved.

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