What did I want to be?

Being honest, I had no dreaming of becoming anything in life. I did not know what I wanted to be until I passed my 12th. I mean it was great that I liked playing with computers and phones but that did not necessarily meant that I wanted to be an engineer.

My bachelor’s days were pretty solid, I wanted to learn electronics and had my bachelor’s project to detect gas leakage and alert owner ahead of time. So I went forward to my Masters in the university.

I thought going to the university was a big hit as it was autonomous and I would get to learn from the big personalities in India…and as true as it was, it was also when I understood that all I knew in the electronics was tip of the iceberg.

Mornal? I did not like Electronics. The deeper I went to it, uglier it was ( for me, I don’t mean electronics is bad, it’s bad for me).

I was thinking of all this and I remembered, when I was in 6th or 7th standard, I would try hard to understand how come -2-2 is -4 !!! I mean first of all, It was hard for me to imagine -2 and I never got what it means to add -2 into -2 ( -2 + -2 ).

That also had other complexities like I never understood why -1 + 2 is 1 😆. The problem with this all was that I could never imagine what does it mean by having negative number. I could see 3 chocolates in my hand but how would I imagine having -2? 😆 and that’s why doing anarithmeticic with them was nightmare for me.

Mind that this all was happening when I was in 6th standard 😆 … Hahahah. My other friends had started learning integration by that time.

So everytime someone asked me about what I wanted to be when I grew up, my straight forward answer was, “I don’t know“… Dewaaaaa !!!!