Wooow !!!

I’m at my hometown after long days. Just now, I was sitting on our sofa and I heard puppies crying outside.

These puppies have new born ones so hearing them crying is nothing new. It’s nature’s process of making them stronger.

But still when I heard them crying outside the door, I couldn’t resist to look at them once through the window. I saw they are sitting just outside our door. So I ran, they heard me opening the door and ran away.

My parents are sleeping so I went in the kitchen, brought some pieces of chapati for them, gently opened the door and just sat there, feeding them some, sparing some for their mommy.

They did drink the water I brought and suddenly one of them had come to me and is sitting besides me. Woooowww!! I literally have helf my horses from touching it because If I touch, it would run away again. It’s other friends just joined us here .

They are simply sitting here with me, looking at me, looking at the sky and I’m absolutely enjoying this all ..Woooww!! I love silence.

I’m just looking at them, without touching, just letting them sit besides … I remember how I used to sit with dogs for nights, looking at the sky, enjoying their company.

Beaaaaauuutiful !!! I’m not even able to describe how I’m feeling right now. It would definitely been years that I got to sit here like this.