Wounds ache hote hei!!

Wounds ache hote hei!!

Last week, I was working with axe and I got my thumb injured badly. The wounds are little deeper but it reminded me one of my childhood story.

By now, you would know that I was not at all a child that would sit at a place for more than a minute. I always used to be doing something …

I remember, we had our cement water tank placed by one of our walls outside and it was placed there, so that my father could climb and get onto the terrace with its support.

The other day, I saw my father going on terrace for some work. Sooooooo .. I saw it and you guessed it right !!!

I also wanted to be on terrace.

So I climbed on the tank, took the support of the wall jumped up on the wall and was about to crawl on the edge of the terrace but I was too short back then to be able to get hold of it so I slipped right from there and landed right into the water in the tank.

As I was falling down, I tried holding the wall.. it was in vain but a big slab fell on my hand and it literally squashed the nail of my index finger.. and then I fell into the water.

The slab fell so hard on my nail that my thumb and the index finger nails they both went black instantly…

You won’t believe, It hurt so bad that I was almost about to faint. I did not know If I should cry or I should go in and do something on my nails.

to make the matter worse, even though I had bandaid on my fingers, it used to get stuck in the corner of the bench in the school and that would annoy the heck out of me…

It lasted for months …

one of the worst injuries in my childhood. The one I have recently is not as worse as that one but it definitely reminded me my childhood story…

Sooo .. wounds ache hote hai 😉!!

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